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The Buddle Findlay Child Health Foundation (the Foundation) was formed in 2005 as the firm’s way of giving something back to the community.  Supporting child healthcare was a natural fit for Buddle Findlay with partners and staff having a genuine desire to make a difference.  The Foundation is firmly committed to improving the experience for kids in hospital care in a direct and tangible way.

The Foundation is funded by the partners and staff of Buddle Findlay.

What the Foundation does

The Foundation responds quickly to the urgent funding needs of children’s hospitals.  If these hospitals face an urgent need for equipment or other vital resources which cannot be funded from normal sources, the Foundation will quickly consider and respond to applications for funding to help meet the need and provide an immediate and direct benefit to the children.

The sort of urgent need the Foundation can help with may arise from, for example, a sudden critical shortage or local unavailability of a vital resource, an emergency situation, a breakage or malfunction requiring immediate and unbudgeted replacement or repair, or an unexpected short-term opportunity to upgrade vital equipment.

Buddle Findlay volunteers

The Foundation is backed by the partners and staff of Buddle Findlay who volunteer their time to help children with their stay in hospital.  This part of the Foundation’s contribution is run in conjunction with hospitals in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, where Buddle Findlay has offices.

Foundation Charter

Buddle Findlay Child Health Foundation Charter

The Foundation is administered by three trustees - Frank Porter, Graeme Hall and Charlotte von Dadelszen, each of whom is a partner at Buddle Findlay.

How to apply for funding

Any New Zealand medical institution, with a dedicated children’s residential care facility, may apply for the Foundation’s rapid response funding.  Potential applicants should be aware that the Foundation’s priority is facilities in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, where Buddle Findlay’s offices are located and a rapid response, which may involve face-to-face meetings or a site visit, can be effectively delivered.

To be eligible for funding consideration applications must:

  • Be from a medical institution in New Zealand providing residential medical care for children
  • Have been approved by the governing body or chief executive of that medical institution
  • Certify that the funding requested has arisen as a short notice need, and that funding is not available from normal sources, giving reasons for such unavailability.

Applicants for funding should initially contact John Nisbet at Buddle Findlay (Tel: 04 462 0864, Email: who will discuss the application and give preliminary guidance on the proposed application.

Contact the Foundation

Postal:  Buddle Findlay Child Health Foundation, PO Box 2694, Wellington 6140


The material on this website is provided for general information purposes only and is not comprehensive. If you have any questions about the Foundation, please contact us.