As a key sponsor of the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation (the Foundation), Buddle Findlay would like to congratulate all finalists announced by the Foundation for the 54th Halberg Awards.

The winners in each category will be announced at the annual Halberg Awards function on the 9 February at the Vector Arena in Auckland.

The Buddle Findlay Coach of the Year Award finalists are:

  • Gordon Walker (Canoeing)
  • Hamish Willcox (Yachting)
  • Jeremy McColl (Athletics)
  • Steve Hansen (Rugby).

Buddle Findlay became a key sponsor of the  Foundation in November 2016.  The Foundation was founded by Sir Murray Halberg on the belief that all people, regardless of their ability, should have equal opportunity to enhance their lives through sport.  Since 1963, the Foundation has worked hard to make Sir Murray's vision a reality for physically disabled New Zealanders. 

The Foundation works with talented young people and their families to ensure that they receive the support they need to pursue their sporting dreams, and to reap the benefits that sport and recreation provide.  They also collaborate with schools, sports clubs and organisations to provide training and support with the aim of ensuring that physical activities are available to everyone.

Buddle Findlay provides the Foundation with financial assistance and legal support to help it achieve its goal of sport and recreation for all.