Conservation law


Conservation law is not only relevant to the protection of New Zealand's environment and conservation resources, but is critical to our industries such as tourism, skiing, farming, mining, fishing, aquaculture, roading and other infrastructure.

We have a leading specialist legal practice in New Zealand’s conservation and biodiversity laws, and advise central and local government and private entities on a wide range of issues arising under conservation legislation.

Over one-third of New Zealand's land area is administered by the Department of Conservation.  Paul Beverley who leads our conservation team was formerly a senior lawyer at the Department of Conservation and is a leading specialist in conservation law.  He has a particular specialty in concessions and advises a range of clients on the Department of Conservation concession process.  Paul is also a leading adviser on issues relating to reserves and the Reserves Act 1977.  Paul was appointed by the Ministers of Conservation and Fisheries to Chair the Subantarctic Marine Protection Planning Forum (which has resulted in three new marine reserves in that area).

We advise on processes under conservation legislation including the Conservation Act, National Parks Act, Reserves Act, Resource Management Act, Crown Minerals Act (access arrangements), Marine Reserves Act, Wildlife Act and Marine Mammals Protection Act.

Work highlights

Advising the Crown and private entities

on issues relating to concessions and biodiversity offsets in the context of large infrastructure projects

Advising Westpower

on its current concession application in relation to a hydro development on the Waitaha River

Advising the NZ Transport Agency

on its application under the Marine Reserves Act to reclaim six hectares from a marine reserve for the Waterview Connection project

Advising the Crown, local authorities and private entities

on a wide range of issues relating to the Reserves Act 1977

Advising a range of clients

on conservation planning for national parks, reserves, marine reserves and conservation areas

Advising Auckland Council

on issues under the Reserves Act 1977, including on the Tāmaki Collective Treaty settlement in relation to the volcanic cones in Auckland

Our team

David Allen

Partner, Wellington

David specialises in all aspects of resource management, environmental and natural resources law and local government law…

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David Randal

Partner, Wellington

David specialises in resource management, environmental and Māori law. He has advised clients at the heart of intensive RMA…

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Paul Beverley

Partner, Wellington

Paul was the National Chair of Buddle Findlay from 2017 to March 2020. Paul specialises in Māori Law, Treaty settlement negotiations…

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