Toitu Certification (1)

Buddle Findlay is pleased to announce that the firm has been certified as net carbonzero for 2021, the third year in a row.  Working with Toitū Envirocare, Buddle Findlay implemented the four-step process of measuring its emission footprint, developing an emissions reduction and management plan that included specific targets, completing an audit to check the veracity of the data, and offsetting the emissions.

Hamish Kynaston, Partner and environment committee member, said, "While this is a significant milestone, it is only the first step in a longer journey.  Our goal is to reduce overall emissions by 5% on average each year over the next three years to December 2024.  Doing this would result in a 23% reduction in emissions at the end of 2024, relative to the 2019 baseline figure." 

The target, set by the firm's board of management, is among the most ambitious in the New Zealand legal sector.

As part of being certified as carbonzero, an organisation must develop an 'Emissions Management and Reduction Plan' with measurable targets for reducing emissions relative to a baseline year.  Any remaining emissions will be offset through verified carbon credits to achieve a natural balance.

Buddle Findlay has purchased carbon credits from a combination of New Zealand-based projects focussed on environmental benefits, and international projects delivering social benefits consistent with the United Nation's sustainable development goals.

The notable factors contributing to the firm's overall emissions footprint are flights, with domestic flights being the largest single item, followed by electricity, taxis and transport, natural gas, and paper use.

Hamish continues, "With the worldwide aim of avoiding more than 1.5°C change in global temperature, Buddle Findlay is committed to playing its part in the effort to achieve net zero emissions by 2050."