This session explores market practice, common issues and potential pitfalls of raising venture capital for high-growth tech companies.  We share our insights from working on both sides of deals.  This webinar is aimed at founders, angel investors, venture capitalists and other investors.  We cover:

  • Negotiating the term sheet
  • Series A deal terms, including:
    • investment and valuation (pre-money/post-money)
    • preference shares
    • anti-dilution
    • ESOPs and how to account for them
    • board appointments and decision-making powers
    • IP protection including restraints of trade
    • shareholder agreements
  • Regulatory considerations.

For founders this is an opportunity to understand the key features of venture finance and put your best foot forward with potential investors.  For investors this is an opportunity to get insights into current market practice.

Please contact Steve Nightingale or Amy Cunniffe if you would like to discuss how Buddle Findlay can work with you and your business.