Contracting For Agile Projects Webinar (1)

Many (if not most) ICT projects these days involve some form of agile methodology.  For those involved in drafting and negotiating customer-supplier contracts for such projects, these methodologies can be challenging as they typically require a significantly different contract from the standard master agreements many are familiar with.

In a recent webinar, Amy Ryburn (partner) and Damien Steel-Baker (special counsel) provided some guidance for those grappling with the challenge on:

  • How do you contract for an agile project (whether you are drafting or reviewing the contract)?  Where do you start?  What questions do you need to ask?
  • What are the most important elements/key protections you should be looking for in the contract?
  • What are the things you need to avoid and the red flags you should be looking for?

Below is the recording of the webinar and you can download a copy of the PowerPoint presentation here

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the topics that were covered, please get in touch with Amy, Damien or another member of our TMT team.