Emerging Leaders
Buddle Findlay launches Emerging Leaders Programme to support leadership development

Buddle Findlay announced that 20 senior associates and special counsel have joined its inaugural Emerging Leaders Programme.  This new programme aims to support its people to grow and develop as leaders in the firm, with their teams and with their clients.  The programme runs over two years and provides in-person workshops, coaching and mentoring to participants. 

Participants will focus on the development of skills and behaviours in the areas of leadership, business development, internal and external profile growth, business skills and career planning.

The programme will challenge different ways of thinking, encouraging participants to think about their careers in new ways and how they influence and impact others.  Buddle Findlay Chief Executive, Phillip Maitland believes the new programme will play a vital role to the success of the firm, providing participants with the tools and skills to thrive.

“All the evidence shows that people that have strong mentors not only accumulate professional benefits including higher job and career satisfaction; they also see personal benefits such as better physical health and self-esteem.  This makes our Emerging Leaders Programme an essential component in the development of our senior associates and special counsel.”

The programme will run on an annual basis and will see more senior associates and special counsel participate as they progress through their career. 

Buddle Findlay Partner Sherridan Cook, and Lucy Ryan, Director, people and culture, have been integral to the programme's development.  Sherridan views the programme as an essential part to both career and personal development.  “We are living in a time where often it is easy for our personal and professional worlds to steadily intrude into one another.  Leadership growth and development helps to not only progress our careers but helps to connect our own personal motivations and values with our work.  This is why our new programme is so important - we want the future leaders of our firm to have the skills and foundations to enable them to succeed both in and outside of work”.  

The Emerging Leaders Programme is part of a broader focus on the new career progression framework for senior associates and special counsel.  The development of the framework was a strategic initiative for Buddle Findlay's Board and creates clarity and transparency about the expectations of people and growth across senior roles.

The programme is currently underway and has seen a positive uptake from participants.