Halberg Career Experience Programme (1)

The Halberg Foundation (the Foundation) has a vision of an inclusive New Zealand, founded on Sir Murray Halberg's belief that all people, regardless of their ability, should have equal opportunities.

Two and a half years ago, Buddle Findlay took the opportunity to become one of the Foundation's key sponsors because we share their vision of inclusion and equal opportunity.

Since becoming a sponsor, Buddle Findlay has worked closely with the Foundation to become a true partner and participate in initiatives over and above our financial contribution and pro bono legal advice.

Late last year we found out that the Halberg Youth Council members, mostly university students, find it really difficult to get work experience during the holidays so, with the Foundation, Buddle Findlay created the Buddle Findlay & Halberg Career Experience programme.

The main objective is to assist the university students from the Halberg Youth Council, who all have physical disabilities, to gain work experience.

Initially, Buddle Findlay will facilitate one week of work experience for three of the Council members during June and July.  Later in the year, we are hoping to introduce them to our clients to provide them with further work experience.

We will run the programme during the mid-year university holidays for a week in each of the offices.

The Foundation will conduct inclusion training for Buddle Findlay to help ensure our interns have the best possible experience.  "We are excited about this initiative which reinforces our commitment to offering opportunities for people to fulfil their potential in a supportive and inclusive work environment." - Paul Beverley, National Chair.


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