In late 2019, Buddle Findlay's Board mandated a project team to focus in on what Buddle Findlay stands for and offers to its clients, and to ensure its branding and visual identity is an accurate reflection of that.  The project team, led by Paul Beverley (the firm's former National Chair), worked with an external brand agency who undertook engagement with the firm's people, clients and non-client entities.  The research confirmed that Buddle Findlay's key point of difference in the legal market is its collaborative approach and focus on people and relationships.

The firm has used a collaborative approach as the central theme for its new visual identity.  Says National Chair, Jennifer Caldwell, "The Buddle Findlay promise is exceptional outcomes through collaboration.  Our brand and visual identity needed to better reflect the focus on collaboration and relationships, and capture the contemporary, clear thinking, confident, people-centred firm that we are." 

The process confirmed that clients want to work collaboratively with their legal service providers.  Paul Beverley commented that, "this process confirmed that a collaborative ethos is central to our identity as a firm.  That works well as we know our clients are looking for an extension of their in-house legal team - for external lawyers who bring a current and collaborative approach to working with the client teams, their consultants and their stakeholders."

Charlotte von Dadelszen, a Board member, Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion committee and one of the project team members says, “Importantly the feedback we received from the research showed that our clients and our people described Buddle Findlay's way of working as very collaborative.  We know that successful relationships drive successful outcomes.  Our refreshed brand and new visual identity better reflect who we are as a firm and the way we work."

Buddle Findlay’s expertise and clients span the key sectors of New Zealand’s economy. 

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