Legal alert - The Select Committee's report on the Resource Legislation Amendment Bill

7 March 2017

The Local Government and Environment Committee released its report on the Resource Legislation Amendment Bill. The Bill proposes amendments to a number of Acts including the Resource Management Act 1991, the Reserves Act 1977 and the Conservation Act 1987.

The report recommends that the Bill be passed subject to a number of amendments including changes to iwi participation arrangements, ministerial powers, and the proposed revisions to planning and consenting framework. The report's recommendations will likely have wide ranging implications for the content of the Bill. Our resource management team are considering the implications of the report and a legal update will follow.

The Committee's recommendations will now be subject to debate by Parliament, with the Bill set for its second reading in the House later this week. Further political discussions can be expected, particularly in light of the agreement reached between the government and the Maori Party in late 2016 and the criticisms made by opposition parties.

Click here to access the Resource Legislation Amendment Bill.